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Curtain Walling: KLW Curtain Wall

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The KLW Curtain Wall system by Exlabesa offers a high-performing and visually appealing façade solution, ideal for commercial buildings and offices.

Curtain Walling: KLW Curtain Wall

Introducing the KLW Curtain Wall system by Exlabesa, a high-performing and visually stunning façade solution. With slim profile sections that maximise glazed areas, this system creates an impressive building façade. The 28mm double glazing optimises thermal performance, and the system is fully compatible with all Exlabesa window and door systems.

Customisation Options:

The KLW Curtain Wall system offers unparalleled versatility with its design. All mullion and transom sections are completely interchangeable, reducing wastage and maximising design flexibility. The system can accommodate facets between 30 and 60 degrees due to its adjustable split mullion profiles. It can also be manufactured in ‘ladder’ form for on-site clip-on installation.


The KLW Curtain Wall system offers a visually slim design that enhances the appeal of any façade. Its thermal performance is optimised with 28 mm double glazing, making it an energy-efficient choice. The system also offers a flush internal finish and a selection of external end caps for added aesthetic appeal.


Feature Details
Profile Width 50 mm
Double Glazing 28 mm as standard
Transom and Mullion Sizes Between 50 mm and 125 mm
Maximum Glazing Width 34 mm

Ideal For:

The KLW Curtain Wall system is ideal for commercial buildings, offices, and other structures that require a visually appealing and high-performing façade. Its design flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of architectural styles.

Installation & Maintenance:

The system can be manufactured in ‘ladder’ form for quick and hassle-free on-site clip-on installation. With square cut and screw ported 50 mm face sections, fabrication is simplified, allowing for an extensive range of building designs.



Curtain walls are used to protect the exterior of a building from the elements and can also serve aesthetic purposes.

An aluminium curtain wall uses aluminium frames to hold glass, creating a wall that can protect or aesthetically enhance a building.

No, the curtain wall is not load-bearing.

The system offers interchangeable mullion and transom sections and can accommodate facets between 30 and 60 degrees.